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Trucking services streamline logistics, saving time and providing enhanced comfort.

Our efficient and reliable trucking solutions ensure timely deliveries, optimizing your supply chain while offering a comfortable and secure transportation experience for your cargo.


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Why Us

Why Choose Us For Your Freight?


Reliable Dispatch Team

Our dispatch team is composed of highly skilled and reliable professionals committed to ensuring timely and efficient delivery services. With meticulous planning and coordination, we guarantee that your shipments reach their destination securely and on schedule.


Experienced Drivers

Our drivers are seasoned experts with extensive experience in logistics and transportation. Their proficiency not only ensures the safe handling of your goods but also reflects our commitment to delivering a superior level of service.


On-Time Deliveries

We pride ourselves on our punctuality. Our dispatch team, coupled with our skilled drivers, works diligently to meet and exceed delivery deadlines. Your trust in us is reinforced by our consistent on-time performance.


State-of-the-Art Tracking Technology

Stay informed every step of the way. Our advanced tracking technology allows you to monitor the progress of your shipments in real-time, providing transparency and peace of mind throughout the delivery process.


Safety First

The safety of your goods is our top priority. Our drivers are trained to handle various cargo types securely, adhering to stringent safety protocols. This commitment to safety ensures that your shipments arrive in the same condition they left.


Customized Solutions

We understand that every client has unique needs. Our dispatch team and drivers are flexible in adapting to your specific requirements, offering tailored solutions to optimize your logistics and transportation experience.


Professional Drivers







Our History

What Make Us Special



The First Truck

The Freightliner M2 106 is a versatile medium duty truck designed to get any job done. With a GVWR of up to 66,000 pounds, this truck supports a wide range of bodies and chassis-mounted equipment for any vocation, from dry vans to a concrete pump.


Late 2021

Dispacther Team

In late 2021, Imart Logistics reached a milestone by officially forming our Dispatchers' Team, with the esteemed appointment of NB Gurung as our Head of Dispatchers. Under his capable leadership, our dispatch team is poised to excel in orchestrating seamless logistics operations, optimizing routes, and ensuring the efficient dispatch of shipments with precision and dedication.



Account and IT Team

In 2022, a significant milestone was achieved as Imart Logistics officially established its Accounts and IT teams. Suman Pokhrel assumed the pivotal role of Head of Accounts, bringing a wealth of expertise to lead and enhance our financial operations. This strategic move reinforces our commitment to excellence and innovation in both financial management and technology integration.



Current .....

Since 2023, Imart Logistics has been dedicated to delivering unparalleled logistics services in the USA, navigating and thriving despite challenging market conditions. Our commitment to excellence remains unwavering as we continuously strive to optimize and provide the best possible solutions for our clients, solidifying our position as a reliable and innovative logistics partner in the ever-evolving landscape.

Our team

Meet Our Team Members


Suman Pokhrel

Account Head

NB Gurung

Dispatch Head

Sahil Kafle

Graphic Designer

Dipak Chapagain


Srikrishna Gautam

Dispatcher & IT

Our Customer Feedback

Imart Logistics has consistently exceeded our expectations. Their commitment to on-time deliveries and attention to detail has made them an invaluable partner for our business. The efficiency of their dispatch team and the professionalism of their drivers have truly set them apart.

Working with Imart Logistics has been a game-changer for our supply chain. Their customized solutions and global reach have allowed us to streamline our operations and expand our market presence. Their team's dedication to excellence is evident in every interaction.

Joining Imart Logistics has been a rewarding experience. The company's culture of innovation and continuous improvement creates a dynamic work environment. I'm proud to be part of a team that is reshaping the logistics industry.


Why you should choose our services

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1. What types of trucks are available?

Whether you're transporting a small, medium, or large shipment, Logistics Masters offers a diverse fleet of trucks suited for cargo of all sizes. With our comprehensive fleet, including Freightliner and Kenworth 43-feet reefer trucks and trailers, our clients have the flexibility to choose the ideal size and specifications for their shipping needs.

2. How much of total weight do they hold?

Whether you're transporting a small, medium, or large cargo, Imart Logistics provides a diverse fleet of freightliners and Kenworth 43-feet reefers capable of carrying up to 43,000 lbs. With Imart Logistics, you enjoy the flexibility to choose the right truck and trailer combination for your shipping needs.

3. Can I use more than one of your trucks at a time?

Whether you're transporting a small, medium, or large shipment, Imart Logistics offers a diverse fleet of trucks, ensuring we have the right vehicle for your cargo needs. Our commitment to quality means that every truck in our fleet meets the required standards, providing you with the assurance of reliability and safety for your shipments.

4. What type of load do you carry and do you provide services outside of USA?

Whether you're shipping a small, medium, or large load, Imart Logistics specializes in carrying reefer loads within the USA. Our fleet is dedicated to maintaining the optimal temperature for your cargo, ensuring reliable and efficient transportation for perishable goods throughout the country.