Bhim Gurung


Rajesh Gurung

(Dispatch & Fleet Manager)

Arjun Uprety

(Managing Director)


Imart Logistics is a interstate hauling company started in January, 2021 with the goal to provide full-service nationwide logistics services to clients who needed a reliable services throughout 48 states in United States.  It was a fortunate meeting of a group of nation leading leaders in December 2020 with the idea of interconnecting all the carriers, drivers, and brokers. Today, we are very successful in networking with drivers, carriers, shippers, & brokers. Our President Mr. Bhim Gurung of Imart Logistics says, “Our community is our responsibility, and we must give back to the community.”  We work with carriers, owner operators, & investors in terms of safety, maintenance, accounting, dispatch and every aspect of our business, our operation is driven by a passion to meet the needs of customers and drivers by keeping the words with drivers & customers in everything we do.

Our leadership believes in action rather than just the words. We keep America moving in the right direction all days & nights. God bless our drivers, carriers, brokers, shippers, and our customers.